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Incubate: cause, by natural or artificial action, the development of an embryo from the egg; figuratively, gradually develop, plan, prepare.
Incubator: Appliance or device to incubate (Portuguese Dictionary Porto Editora)

The Incubator is an area of research, reflection, speculation and development of logical approaches that often deviate from the architecture as a discipline and get closer to its ideological side.
It is an open space, in constant maturation, in which theoretical or practical studies are presented, and where the procedural methodologies that we often use are questioned, as well as other multidisciplinary themes linked to the common way of developing architecture.

The works that are presented have been performed within the Master in Collective Housing, of the Superior Technical School of Architecture , of Madrid Polytechnic University (ETSAM-UPM), in 10 workshops led by architects from several nationalities, which proposed different methodologies and approaches to the Collective Housing, leading to issues as essential as the transformation of the public space, the coexistence between different uses and their declination, basic habitability, the true flexibility and adaptability, the sustainability, etc. The fact that these studies were done in groups with different nationalities also implied a greater separation from the perspective that each individual was creating in his imagination.

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